24x7 customer support

24x7 customer support

Challenging Events

Challenging Events

200K+ Players

200K+ Players

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Fast Withdrawals

Play Build Blox on GOGAME!

Build Blox is all about Building the falling blocks to build a pile of a vast tower. The higher you build, the more score you gain. This game is one of the most straightforward games ever, keep tapping and build blocks continuously and win real cash every day. You might miss aligning your lagging block in the centred position; your block gets cut down, making your block smaller. The more you miss, the same block reduces its size, making your gameplay more difficult continuously. So, avoid making blocks turn to small size, and maximize your score within the given time and win real cash every day on GOGAME. By this, you can reach new heights, and sometimes these blocks will dupe you by drifting in reciprocating motions!

How to Play?

» Stack on Top of another
» Align in middle
» Get +1 for every stack
» Just don't miss
» Desize your block

Eat Sleep Play Repeat


Eat Sleep Play Repeat

How to download?

How to download Step 1

Step 1: Download the GOGAME App.

How to download Step 2

Step 2: Tap ‘OK’ to download App.

How to download Step 3

Step 3: Give permission to Install from “Unknown Sources”.

How to download Step 4

Step 4 : Go to Downloads Tap on It.

How to download Step 5

Step 5: Tap on ‘Install’ to complete the app installation.


What is redeem cash?

Convert your cash to use it in GOGAME. Excluisve feature from us, try it now!

How to Login?

Once you download the app, you can get started by Google Login or Signing up with your Phone Number.

How to contact us?

The helpdesk is available in the App where you can register your query anytime. In some cases, please send us a message on our Social page.

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