How does GOGAME punish cheating?

GOGAME strictly measure all the games with the help of our systems; if you're banned, you can't play games or withdraw cash. You'll lose all the winnings made by playing those particular games where cheating has been done. In case of a permanent ban, all the winnings will be forfeited by GOGAME.

Fairplay measures taken by GOGAME

Secured Payments

Hacking or manipulating cash in GOGAME App, including Winnings, Deposits, and Bonus Points, is strictly prohibited, and if any developments are found that are bound to be suspicious for our team, that user will be banned from the App and GOGAME Team will take strict action against them.

Game fraud detection

Manipulating, Tearing, Bots, Increasing any scores while in gameplay or after completing your tournament or multiplayer is forbidden. Our systems continuously monitor your games while you're playing, and if any suspicious activity is recorded, you will be banned permanently from the app.

Use of Third-Party software

Software, Programs, Mods, and hacks try to alter game functionality and promise you more significant unfair advantages by putting your account and privacy at risk.

Shared devices for Scores

Using multiple devices to increase your score in a single match or vice versa is strictly forbidden.

Bug exploitation

If you know/ see any bugs which might impact users, you can inform us and get rewarded. If you try to exploit and get an advantage for your gaming, you still might get banned.

Phishing of other players accounts

Selling, Monitoring, Transfering your accounts to different users will put your privacy at risk, which might tamper with your security details.

Match Fixing

The app provides a fair opportunity for all to play and compete in one place; in case if we hear that you're into fixing games to predict/ expect the outcome pre-determinedly, you might be facing lawful actions.

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