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Beginners Guide

How Can I get the App?

Enter your Phone Number or E-Mail from Box Above, For Mobile users, Download Directly by tapping on "Download".

How to Sign Up?

Download GOGAME App, and enter your Mobile Number and Username to get started. You will recieve 6 Digit OTP to signup/ Login. That's It. Get Started Now! (Bonus) Enter referral code to get a boost.

What is the Referral Code?

Referral code is a system-generated unique code for each user. If any new user enters your referral code while signing up into the app, you will receive a referral bonus.

Why am unable to use my email Id to Sign up?

Unfortunately, you cannot use Email address for Signing up as GOGAME app has real money transactions in it. According to the Law, it is mandatory that all online money transactions should be done using a mobile number. Hence, Mobile Number is required while signing up.

Game Queries

How to Start Playing Games at GOGAME?

After completing the signing up process, You will be on the home screen of the app. There will be various game banners that will apply on your screen, it is denoted as 'Games' in the bottom bar. Select the one which you wish to play and enjoy Playing at GOGAME.

How can I earn by playing games at GOGAME?

When you join any contest, you have to play and score highest in that contest. If you score utmost and make it to the top of the leaderboard, you get the cash prize. Winning cash differs from contest to contest, rank, pool prize, etc.

How many games can I Play?

Currently, we are having 7+ Skill games and many more will get added soon.

What are skill games?

Skill games are the games that depend on your mental abilities like logic abilities, strategic thinking, quick decision making, etc.

Tournament Info

What is a Tournament?

Tournaments are the game contest at GOGAME where you compete with other online players. If a user scores highest by beating other players, he/she wins the pool prize of the tournament.

How to Join a Tournament?

Tap on any game you wish to play. There will be a tab with all tournament details like entry fee, number of maximum players, duration, timing, and pool prize. You can pay the entry fee and enter the particular contest.

How many tournaments can I join?

You can join as many tournaments you wish to play.

What is Live Register?

Live Register tournament is an instant play where users can join immediately and start playing games and win real cash.

Transactions Detail

How to add quick cash to GOGAME Account?

You can add money using UPI, direct bank, credit/debit cards, or Paytm wallet.

Will it be safer if I add my card details and save in GOGAME App?

Yes, GOGAME uses (Security affiliation name) for saving your card details. It is 100% safe and reliable.

How can I withdraw my Winning Cash?

You can withdraw the Winning cash into your Bank account or Paytm Wallet.

Why do I need to update my KYC?

KYC is needed for identity verification which is mandatory before cash withdrawal. You can withdraw the winning cash only if your KYC is completed.

Profile & Updates

How do I change my user name?

Once you added your user name, it is not possible to change but, you may expect it in our new versions.

How to Add My Profile Picture?

If you login to GOGAME App, on your right side of the App Screen you can able to see 3 lines. Tap on that, you may able to see profile picture tap on it and upload the picture and set your own profile pic.

How do I change my mobile number?

If you registered with your mobile number, then it is not possible to change. Instead, you can download our App and registered with the mobile number you would like to change.