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About 4096

4096 is a 4X4 matrix game. You have to swipe up or down or left or right to add to identical tiles. Your swipe will add all possible tiles in that direction. Your ultimate goal is to bring the sum of ‘4096’ by adding two ‘2048’ tiles! This may sound easy but with each swipe, a new block gets into the grid. You can make sure that the grid is not completely blocked up.

Game Trailer

How to play?

Maths was never cool before this! This 4096 game is highly engaging and captivating to play and let you win real money.


Swipe the matching tiles to add them up. For example, If you match two tiles with number 4 on them, it will convert into a single tile of number 8.

If you move it in any direction, all the similar tiles will get add-up.

Your aim is to bring '4096' on a tile that is you have to add two tiles of '2048'

Make sure the tiles won't cover up the whole board. The game will end if no block is available for the new tile.