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About Build Blox

‘Build Blox’ is all about stacking the falling blocks to build a huge tower, the higher you built, the more score you gain. To make the game very much interesting, we enable the obstacle features like moving back-and-forth and left and right. If you miss aligning the falling block in the same position it cut down into pieces, the more cut-off will smaller the block size that results in difficulty in playing. Avoid making blocks turns to small size, maximize the score and win real cash in GOGAME.

Game Trailer

How to play?

The sky is the Limit in Build Blox! Reach new heights and earn real cash at GOGAME. Stack up the falling blocks! Make your tower as high as you can. But, these blocks gonna dupe you by drifting in reciprocating motion!


The blocks will fall below, you have to stack them on each other.

After the block falls, it will keep moving left and right or back and forth.

You have to tap at the right time to avoid missing the aligned portions.

The tall you build the tower, the more you score.