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About Flippa

Flippa is a bottle flip game. Built to entertain with the presence of home objects to make you feel like playing a realistic bottle flip game at your home. Now start flipping the bottle and lead to land safely without touching the ground. With the support of home objects like Sofa, Table, TV, Self and other home appliances, keep playing our flippa game, score high, and win real cash.

Game Trailer

How to play?

Bottle Flipping Challenge is too mainstream, try doing some 'Flippa' at GOGAME.


Get Started into the Flippa game by tapping on the play button displayed on your mobile screen.

Land the bottle in particular seen objects like Sofa, TV, Fridge, and other places safely.

Avoid letting the bottle to land on the ground which gets broken.

Keep flipping the bottle and try to score higher.