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About GO-Blox

GO-Blox is a tile-matching game, where you have to create a complete horizontal row with the given tiles and eliminate it, more eliminations lead to gain more points and maximize the winning chance. To continue playing GO-Blox, you have to vanish all the tile appear in the gaming screen by positioning it without leaving any vacant space in between the row. To do, you need to flip them according to the best position possible. So, find the best fit and eliminate the rows before it gets piled up and touches the upper limit to avoid losing! The fun of playing GO-Blox in GOGAME is simple, speedy, and makes you win real cash.

How to Play?

“When Life gives you unexpected random pieces then be like GO-Blox and flip those to fit in!” GO-Blox, the most popular and obsessive puzzle game ever, is back again at GOGAME with a rewards prize!

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