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About POPP

'POPP', a rapid-pacing game where you have to hit the yellow dots to unlock the next dots to play. Be quick in tapping exactly on the yellow dots because these dots are pretty hasty in drifting in the ring road, if you miss one, have to begin the race from the scratch. More misses will lose a life from the given game lives. Unlock the lock more, get a high score and win real cash at GOGAME.

Game Trailer

How to play?

Rock at 'POPP' with GOGAME, the ONLY legal place to crack the lock for money. Hit in series to break the code and pop the lock, but if you miss out any dot or you’ll have to start from square one.


Yellow dots can randomly appear anywhere all over the circumference.

Tap them in sequence and code the code to pop the lock.

The number of dots and the pace will increase with the rising levels.

Three chances you will get in a single game.

If you miss out, you have to start over again.