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About Steppy Feet

Each step leads to great success, they said… This is actually true with ‘Steppy Feets’ at GOGAME. Be as heedful, those banana peels and explosions will make you fall straight on your face. And the cracks between the blocks will twist your feet and make you fall too! Put your steps properly and march towards your destination. Cross the footpath discreetly to win real money! Put each step cautiously and avoid stepping on the banana peel and cracks. Beware of those red discs, they will blow up!

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How to play?

"Steppy Feet" is like getting paid to walk correctly! All you need to do is put your steps properly avoiding the obstacles like the cracks, banana peels and explosions. Complete the crossing the win real cash prize.


Tap on the screen to put your foot on the next tile.

The time of the tap will decide the length of the step. That is if you hold for a longer duration, the step will be lengthy.

First right leg will step then the left and so on.

Avoid the obstacles like cracks in-between the tiles, banana peels or the explosions.